… good ergonomics at work

Z3 is the premium Zenki ® workstation.

Designed to deliver the very best ergonomic performance and flexibility possible, Zenki offers users of all ages and abilities the opportunity to work safely and comfortably, regardless of the task in hand.

Zenki is simple to use. You can choose to work while you sit, stand or perch, moving quickly and intuitively from one position to the next.

Zenki will help you to adopt & maintain a healthy neutral posture while you work, avoiding static loading and muscle strain - two very major factors that contribute heavily to the development of work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders.

 Zenki will transform your work experience enabling you to perform better whilst reducing fatigue, to leave you brighter and more energised at the end of the working day.

Back Z3 Workstation

Zenki Z3 Twin Column Professional Sit Stand Workstation              

 Top Size: 1200 - 800 mm

 Depth Adjustment: + 100mm (Optional - see top slide kit)

 Height Range: 695 - 1200 mm    

 Frame: Twin Column – Electric Riser

 Includes Dycem® non-slip surface


 Top Slide Kit [+100mm depth adjustment]   

Top Options:

 Beech or White laminate [Standard Price - please state choice]

 Dry Wipe ‘Write-on’ White Gloss laminate    

NB: Accessories not included

Touch typing   /	   Reclined working	   /   iPad / Tablet   /   Drawing/ Writing 	  /   Reading Sit       /	        Perch	        /        Stand New